When is the META-SHARE DA valid and not?

Feb 04, 2013 at 13:23



We are finalizing some DAs regarding grammatical annotations of texts (treebanks) developed by META-NORD partners. The rights have already been cleared regarding the original source text; the following question only concerns the work with grammatical annotations carried out by researchers within META-NORD.

All contributors have agreed on a license (CC-BY), and the annotations will be stored and distributed through the treebank infrastructure developed at UIB, INESS (iness.uib.no).

Our question is, can we use a META-SHARE DA to formalize the agreement?

Specifically: UIB is a META-NET member, and we will catalogue the Resource with metadata in META-SHARE, but it is unclear to us whether the UIB project INESS is a META-SHARE member. What is the definition of a META-SHARE member?

It is also not clear to us if the META SHARE DA only is valid if the Resource is actually stored in META-SHARE.


Thanks for your reply,

Gunn and Gyri