META-SHARE v3.0.1 stable maintenance release

Jan 22, 2013 at 15:44

Dear META-NET partners,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the next stable META-SHARE release in version 3.0.1. As the version number suggests, v3.0.1 is just a maintenance release containing security updates, bug fixes and stability improvements. The release is fully backward compatible with META-SHARE v3.0 which has been released in October.

If you are interested in the detailed list of improvements that v3.0.1 brings compared to v3.0, you may have a look at the closed issues in

We recommend all nodes to switch to v3.0.1 soon. Upgrading from v3.0 to the new release should be simple, just follow the steps in the upgrade notes under

If you should still be on a pre-v3.0 release, then we *strongly* recommend you to migrate to the latest v3.0.1 version. The migration steps in the META-SHARE Installation Manual (under misc/docs/ in the download bundle) still apply.

Note: at the request of the META-NET management we have integrated web analytics functionality (provided by Google Analytics) into the v3.0.1 release which is turned on by default. The idea is to get a better overview of how the META-SHARE Network is used. IP address anonymization is active by default to protect the privacy of our users; see also the updated META-SHARE Terms of Service for more information. If you prefer that your installation is not tracked, then you can turn this feature off again as described in Section 10 of the META-SHARE Installation Manual.

Any problems that may be encountered should be reported to the issue tracker, to the community support forum, or to the help desks. It is often worth checking if the issue tracker and/or the forum already cover your issue – maybe there is a solution or a workaround already.

Download URL:

(Technical) Issue Tracker:

Community Support Forum for technical, metadata, and legal Q&A:

Help desks:

On behalf of the T4ME WP8 team, best regards,

Christian Spurk

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