person objects and organization objects duplicated?

Dec 07, 2012 at 10:59


I refer below to metadata stored on the following node:


Several person and organization objects were multiplied because of minor differences regarding mail addresses, the use of capital letters and not etc. I have now cleaned this as best as I can, by following a suggestion from the UGOT (Swedish) team: insert <KEEP ME> in the name field of the object that you want to keep. Then go in to the records containing the object(s) you want to remove, delete the old one and replace it by the <KEEP ME> object (delete the old one). 

Having done this for all records, there should finally be no records left containing the objects that you deleted and replaced by KEEP ME-objects, right? However, when I go into the list of person/organization objects to delete the objects that are no longer in use, they are still listed as if they appear within certain records. When opening such a record (also in XML), I verify that the old one has indeed been replaced by a KEEP ME-object.


So in principle I could simply delete all objects that I want to delete, but I hesitate to do it since the editor insists that they do exist within records (even though they actually don't exist there). Will the deletion of them lead to error messages and invalid records, because META-SHARE thinks that something is missing? There are too many records me to take the chance to have to go through all of them if I get 'invalid' messages. 


Please advise.

ps. I suppose you already know, but in case not: when downloading a META-SHARE record as XML and uploading it again later, person and organization objects seem to be duplicated. (i.e. identical objects that are NOT distinguished by, for instance, differences in capitalization details or other things).


Gunn (on behalf of the Norw. META-NORD team) 





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    Answer by Roberts Rozis on Dec 07, 2012 at 11:27

    It would really be nice and helpful to have a Replace Object tool/function in META-SHARE which would allow selecting an object, have it replaced by another one, and optionally deleting the original (incorrect/duplicate) one.

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