META-SHARE v2.9-beta release

Sep 06, 2012 at 14:13

Dear META-NET partners,

META-SHARE v2.9-beta has been released today. It is a beta release for the upcoming META-SHARE v3.0 stable release which is scheduled for mid-September. META-SHARE v2.9-beta/v3.0 contains major new features compared to the current v2.1.x series

  • + fine-grained user access rights management  
  • + linking of META-SHARE nodes with automatic metadata synchronization
  • + resource recommendation services 
  • + search engine optimizations

In addition, we have spent a considerable amount of time on improving the overall usability and on fixing reported bugs. The release also ships with a tool for easily migrating your v2.1.x installation data. We encourage all META-SHARE nodes to set up a v2.9-beta installation, migrate their v2.1.x installation data, help us test the new release and report any problems. There is dedicated time for assisting you in this for the next two weeks. Benefit from this advantage on the way to the next generation of META-SHARE!

As usual, the META-SHARE Installation Manual (under misc/docs/ in the download bundle) contains all details on how to install and/or migrate to the new release. Any problems that may be encountered should be reported to the issue tracker, to the community support forum, or to the help desks. It is worth checking if the issue tracker and/or the forum already cover your issue – maybe there is a solution or a workaround already.

Download URL:

(Technical) Issue Tracker:

Community Support Forum for technical, metadata, and legal Q&A:

Help Desks:

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Best regards,

Christian Spurk

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