definition of 'unrestricted'

Aug 28, 2012 at 13:51


I have a question reagrding the metadata.

I noticed with some surprise that some resources uploaded by META-NORD/UIB have been recorded with availability=restricted, even though I perceive them as being unrestricted. A closer scrutiny revealed why: some resources have only one condition, namely: "only for language technology research and development", a restriction which incidentally is not available among the "restrictions of use" scroll-down menu in the META-SHARE editor.

(example, just to name one: n-gram for Norwegian Bokmål (based on NST news text). Its metadata can be inspected at:, revealing that the resource is recorded with "Restricted" availability and without a specification of the kind of restriction of use (since it was not possible, using the scroll down menu). The information has instead been added underneath "Description", where it says: "The n-grams are freely available for language technology research and development purposes."

I think that this restriction should be treated as a restriction in the same way as, e.g. "No redistribution", "Non-commercial", since we experience that this 'restriction' calms down many resource providers. Several of them want to know that nobody is allowed to use their original material in a way that would compromise their commercial interests concerning the original, but they do want to support LT industry development by letting their resource serve as basic resources for LT R&D. It looks weird if they scrutinize our metadata records at meta-share and cannot find any mentioning of this restriction.

But on the other hand, I have understood from the META-SHARE legal experts that it lies in the nature of META-SHARE (and the MS licenses) that the use is intended to be LT use. Could we somehow make this visible and understandable to anyone who inspects the META-SHARE catalogue? If you can do that, we could list the expemplified resource mentioned above has having availability=Unrestricted, which looks nice when we are about to demonstrate the catalogue to third party industrial partners.


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