META-SHARE v2.1.2 bug fix release

Jul 09, 2012 at 07:51

Dear META-NET partners,

META-SHARE v2.1.2 was released a few days ago. It is a bug fix release for v2.1 which was released about six weeks ago. The release contains many smaller fixes but also some fixes for frequently reported problems.

We recommend that all users of META-SHARE upgrade to this version. As there were no new features added or other larger changes made compared to v2.1, the following steps should suffice for upgrading from a vanilla v2.1 installation:

(1) Shut down your META-SHARE node:

(2) Extract the new release files and copy them over the existing files.

(3) Restart your META-SHARE node:

Any problems that may be encountered should be reported to the issue tracker,to the community support forum, or to the helpdesks. It is worth checking if the issue tracker and/or the forum already cover your issue – maybe there is a solution or a workaround already.

 Download URL:

(Technical) Issue Tracker:

Community Support Forum for technical, metadata, and legal Q&A:


On behalf of the T4ME WP8 team:

Best regards,

Christian Spurk


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