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Jun 25, 2012 at 09:25


1. Regarding Resource counts

Our META-SHARE node at internally has

206 published records18 ingested records70 internal records

META-SHARE public pages tell -- 206 language resources at your disposal... Published + ingested !?!The same page tells: 224 resources -- if I log in. -- 98 Language Resources (Page 1 of 5), or

99 Language Resources (Page 1 of 5) -- if I log in.

The counts are not obvious, something needs to be fixed or explained here.


2. Hidden data??

The faceted filtering pane shows only a limited number of languages, only a part of the resources. Probably those filtered from those 98/99 records. When any not-available resource gets opened and re-saved, it re-appears available for search. Is there some admin action to be done (eg. reindexing ??), or is it a bug to be fixed at META-SHARE side?

Why are more than a 100 resources hidden?

Have items 1 and 2 a common cause?


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    Answer by dmavroeidis on Jul 02, 2012 at 15:42


    1. This problem is solved in the current upstream version on github.

    2. Can you perhaps elaborate on what you refer to as "not-available" resource? Only "published" resources are shown in search results and the filtering pane. "ingested" and "unpublished" are not shown. Re-indexing is possible by running "./ rebuild_index" from the "metashare" folder. It shouldn't be necessary, unless something has gone wrong while saving a resource, or importing a new one.


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